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The Wealth System

Learn about the power of our duplicable marketing system
and why you will succeed and create a full time, self-employment,
residual income with the Whole Wellness Club

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Sizzle Call (5 minutes)

This is an invitation to listen to the 30 minute interview with Dr James Chappell, "More Than a Detox Tea".
It is the first step in our wellness and wealth marketing system.

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24 Hour Re-Broadcast call 760-569-6898

Our Passionate Product Philosophy

To hear the true heart of the Whole Wellness Club concept,
the uncompromising quality and efficacy of our products,
Chuck shares his passionate desire to bring wellness into your life.

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24 Hour Re-Broadcast call 760-569-6916

VelociTea - More than a detox tea!

This gentle detox tea is foundational to any cleanse regimen.
Dr Chappell explains the wide ranging benefits of
each ingredient in this time tested amazing product.

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24 Hour Re-Broadcast call (559) 546-1051

Whole Wellness Club Pay Plan

This is a brief overview of Simplicity Pay (12 Minutes)
along with the Preferred Customer compensation
and the Customer Rewards program.

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24 Hour Re-Broadcast call (518) 777-4082

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